Caine Warburton

Written By Steve Barko Digital Marketing 06 Apr 2022
Caine Warburton

Caine Warburton

Caine Warburton is an elite trail, mountain and ultra runner and high performance athlete and coach based in Queensland. Some of his supporters and sponsors include, Salomon, Suunto, Endura Sports Nutrition, Compressport and Sport Supplements Direct. Caine is also a father and firefighter by trade. 




1st Spartan Super Obstacle Race –  Gold Coast
1st Kickass Obstacle Race  – Brisbane
1st Kickass Obstacle Race – Harvey Bay
1st True Grit Obstacle Race – Brisbane
1st True Grit Night Attack Obstacle Race – Gold Coast
5th Hells Bells 24hr Adventure Race
9th Bayview Blast 50k Mountain Bike race.


1st Lamginton Classic Trail Marathon + New Course Record


3rd Gold Coast Cross Crountry Championships
4th Buffalo Stampede Skyrace


9th Sky Running World Championships – Mt Blanc 80km – France
2nd Buffalo Stampede Sky Ultra 75km
1st Trail Des Paccots 42km – Switzerland
1st New Caledonia International Marathon
1st Wangaratta Marathon + Course record
1st Numinbah to Pollies 50km + Course record
1st Nerang Short Course 20km + Course record
1st La Sportiva Razorback 38km + Course record
1st Up the Buff 25km + Course record
2nd Bon Accord Vertical Km
2nd Kurrawa to Duranbah 50km relay mixed team
3rd Yurrebilla Ultra 56km
13th Ice Trail Tarentaise Sky Ultra 65km – France


1st Kurrawa to Duranbah 50km + Course record
1st Alice Springs Ultra 60km + Course record
1st Numinbah to Pollies 18km + Course Record
1st King of the Mountain – Numinbah to Pollies
1st Up the Buff Trail race 25km + Course record
1st Run Wild St Albert Marathon + Course record
1st Nerang Short Course Trail Race 2 – Soleus 6km +Course record
1st Nerang Short Course Trail Race 3- Soleus 6km + New course record
2nd Lake Mountain Sky Run 34km
2nd Pinnacles Classic 18km
2nd Edmonton Police Half Marathon
7th The North Face 50km
8th Oceania Championships 5000m
Bronze medal mixed medley relay Oceania Championships


1st Nerang State Forest 50km +  Course record
1st Lake Manchester trails 6km + Course record
1st Gold Coast Bulletin 5km
2nd Australian Defence Force Cross country championships 7km


1st Great Ocean run 45km (redrock)
1st Glasshouse Tour – 50km event
1st Lake Manchester Trails – 22km
1st Rainbow Beach Trail race – 45km
1st Rainbow beach 10km (day before above).
1st Overall Glasshouse trail running series
1st Trex off road endro triathlon race 2.
1st Salt 5km road race.
2nd Glass house Cook tour – 30km
2nd Kurrawa to Duranbah – 50km road
3rd Glass house Flinders tour – 50km